Business Courier-10th annual Innovation & Technology Awards

TrueChoicePack (TCP) has been recognized as a winner of Cincinnati Business Courier’s 10th annual Innovation & Technology Award. This program recognizes companies that are transforming how we use technology, while introducing innovative products and services in Greater Cincinnati. For their exceptional establishment of sustainable products, TCP is making their debut on this list, as winner of the Green Business Innovation category.

TCP is a total solutions provider for private label bands and customized disposable products. Their biodegradable and compostable tableware has made its way into retail stores across the country, leading the industry in highly innovative sustainable solutions. “Our team of expert scientists and engineers focus on delivering ecological products which push the industry forward,” says Heena Rathore, CEO and Co-founder of TrueChoicePack. “We’re thrilled to have won the award for Green Business Innovation, and we commit to continue providing consumers with groundbreaking products for years to come.”

TCP has a wide array of products, including their BioGreenChoice product line which offers more than 80 products that are compostable, and are made from renewable resources such as cornstarch and sugarcane. These products degrade in 90 days, and they are not harmful to the environment like Styrofoam and plastic materials. TCP now also manufactures a range of PPE products with upgraded, innovative technology under
their newest brand, Progress.

“Companies like TrueChoicePack, that help to safely distribute essential disposable and PPE products are being faced with ever evolving challenges, yet we strive to maintain our emphasis on sustainability,” says Rakesh Rathore, Ph.D., COO and Co-founder of TrueChoicePack. “TCP focuses on developing solutions to reduce single use plastic, by using the “FOUR R” (reduce, reuse, recycle & renew) concept, which sets us apart, making us a leader in our industry.”

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