Tableware Bulk

Progress cutlery is a cut above! Designed with commercial and bulk household needs in mind, our bulk cutlery is lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, and engineered for consistent reliability. Ideal for everyday restaurant, office, or household use as well as special occasions such as weddings, banquets, and catering. Our high-quality plastic cutlery is available in several colors and packages. Select from regular bulk packs for convenience or individually wrapped bulk packs for sanitary food service use.

  • Pliable & Heavy Duty: Progress black heavy weight forks, knives and spoons are engineered with quality, precision, and efficiency. Our heavy duty individually wrapped plastic utensils set is perfect choice for dinner parties, weddings, BBQs, graduation party, lunches, Home & office supplies, food truck, birthday parties, or any other celebration you have might have planned in general.
  • Easy To Use: Progress Disposable cutlery is the ideal kitchenware that is not only efficient , but have a certain flare that is hard to emulate in plastic kitchenware. Our cutlery will adapt to any standard party or dinner setup. Progress disposable cutlery kit will add elegance to any event you or your loved ones might graciously host.
  • Safe & Hygienic: Our disposable silverware set prevents direct touch from multiple people and makes it easier to grab and use. Our individually wrapped cutlery packets prevent the spread of germs and encourages hygiene.
  • Disposability & Reusability: Progress Disposable plasticware is safe to dispose of and does not require special disposal instructions. If gently used our cutlery set is also dishwasher safe and can be reused for maximum efficiency.
360Clear180 Forks, 120 Spoons, 60 Knives3
1800Clear900 Forks, 600 Spoons, 300 Knives3
300Black100 Forks, 100 Spoons, 100 Knives3
360Black180 Forks, 120 Spoons, 60 Knives3
1000Black1000 Forks (Individually wrapped)1
1000Black1000 Spoons (Individually wrapped)1
3000Black1000 Forks, 1000 Spoons, 1000 Knives (Individually wrapped)3